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Cálculos biliares bovinos,Pedra do fel bovino,OX,Cow Gallstones

OX, Cow Gallstones

We Buy OX Gallstones


As a Chinese medical corporation, and a direct purchaser, we have a long-term need for ox gallstones and are able to buy it at the highest price that are offered.We have been occupied in traditional Chinese medicine for over 30 years, and are experienced in ox gallstones trade. We are looking for long term suppliers all over the world.

How to Sell the Ox Gallstones to Us?

If you can come to Asia, we would like to meet you and do business face to face.

If you can't come, you can deliver the Ox Gallstones to our Hong Kong address via DHL( Fedex,EMS,UPS). We will check the package at the same day and Transfer U.S. dollars to your bank account.

Our suppliers are all over the world. All of them have received the full payment.The Suppliers are happy to work with us. We are long term business partners.

Please feel free to contact us in WhatsApp +852 67354466 or E-mail:

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